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Firebird Condensate Trap


Firebird Condensate Trap ACC000TRP | NEW

A condensate trap for a condensing boiler usually has a hollow body for receiving condensate from a heat exchanger of the condensing boiler and for providing a path of flow for condensate out of the side of the boiler. The body of the condensate trap includes a condensate receiving end having an inlet, a condensate discharging end having an outlet, and an intermediate reversely-turned trap portion interconnecting the condensate receiving and discharging ends.

In high temperature areas, like the flue, stainless steel must be used to prevent corrosion.

The liquid contained within the condensate trap is mildly acidic, this is due to the product of combustion cooling and condensing. This liquid would damage a metal pipework, therefore discharge pipes are usually made from plastic.

Condensing boilers achieve higher energy efficiency than standard boilers by condensing the water vapour in the flue gasses and using the latent energy recovered through this process to heat the return water going into the water heater.

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