Condensate Pro Maintenance Coat 250ml Tin (IG005)

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 Condensate Pro Maintenance Coat 250ml Tin (IG005)

The team at Condensate Pro wanted to make it simple to maintain the Primary Pro and Condensate Pro insulation over the life of the boiler or heat pump, so they made a water based maintenance coat to use as and when needed.

The Condensate Pro Maintenance Coat is specifically designed to easily maintain Condensate Pro & Primary Pro insulation over the life of the product. Easy application in minutes, to both Condensate Pro & Primary Pro installation, this water based product can also be used to coat over the Bond & Seal too.

Easy to apply in minutes, easy to coat every part of the insulation installation and you can coat over the Condensate Pro Bond & Seal too.

Once finished its easy to clean your brush as the Condensate Pro Maintenance Coat is water based.

Many professional installers like to leave an installation looking immaculate, so many have also been using the Condensate Maintenance Coat once fitted to recoat over any brick dust to make it look perfect once finished.

It is recommend recoating take place if the insulation begins to look a light black/dark grey colour or every 4 years, whichever is first.

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