Primary Pro - Condensate pipe insulation - 28mm x 19mm x 1M (2Pack)

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 Primary Pro - Condensate Pipe Insulation 
28mm x 19mm x 1M

Primary Pro pipe insulation is designed to provide external insulation for air source heat pumps, which play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions. It is therefore necessary to ascertain that the air source heat pumps are properly installed and every bit of energy generated is used optimally. 

Insulating air source heat pumps therefore, becomes that much important to saving energy and by extension, money. This is where Primary pro insulation comes in. It helps to maintain the desired temperature and prevents heat loss.

It is used for external pipe insulation as it is resistant to UV and other harsh environment factors. It is also waterproof in nature.


Key Features:

  • Professional Installation: Primary Pro is designed for professional installers, making the installation and sealing process easier and more efficient, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Compliance: The product complies with various standards, including Part L and MCS, as well as the instructions provided by heat pump manufacturers.
  • Moisture/Water and UV Protection: Primary Pro comes with built-in protection against moisture and UV exposure, which is crucial for insulating external pipework and fittings.
  • Sealing: It's designed to be simple to seal all joints, fittings, and the heat pump itself. This sealing is achieved using their "Unique Bond and Seal" technology, which helps keep heat in and moisture out. Moreover, they are easy to insulate through the fabric of the building and seal with our Insulation and Bond & Seal, so complying with new Part L Reg's
  • Size and Compatibility: Primary Pro is available in a 28mm size with 25mm thick insulation. This specific size allows professional installers to use the same core bit and clips as the 28mm x 19mm, making it easier for them to work with.

Applications :

Primary Pro pipe lagging is ideal for use in: 

  • Air Source Heat Pumps.
  • External oil boilers
  • External heating & waste water protection

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