Uterm Electric Radiators | 600mm Range , 0.3kW - 1.9kW

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Uterm Electric Radiators | 600mm Range
0.3kW - 1.9kW


Central heating without the pipes

Uterm Electric Radiators arrives ready for use, filled with specially treated water and fully sealed. They don’t require plumbing, flushing, bleeding or topping-up. This ensures that the patented built-in boiler gives the same heat quality of a gas central heating system, but without the plumbing, pipe work or even a gas supply. Simply wall-mount the radiator onto special safety brackets, plug it into a standard British electrical socket and switch on. It’s as easy as that!

  • 100% efficient

  • High quality not-dry heat

  • Option to buy 7-day remote controller or smart control system

  • 5 year warranty

  • Internal smart heating software maintains required room temperature in eco-saving mode

  • Plug and play into any UK electrical socket, or spurs into mains electricity

  • Easy to wall-mount with supplied brackets

  • Lot 20 efficiency standards compliant

  • Maintenance free fully sealed unit

 Height Length
Depth Weight
Max Amps
600mm 400mm 100mm 18kg 3.8A 0.383kW
600mm 600mm 100mm 26kg 3.8A 0.790kW
600mm 800mm 100mm 33kg 6.3A 1.138kW
600mm 1000mm 100mm 40kg 8.3A 1.480kW
600mm 1200mm 100mm 47kg 8.3A 1.900kW

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