Vokèra Boilers

Vokèra is a British boiler manufacturer providing reliable heating and hot water solutions to customers all across the UK. 


Browse the Spares Direct range of Vokèra boilers below! Here you'll find a variety of space-saving combination models which are ideal for small homes.

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Vokera Easi-Heat i 25C Combi Boiler Only
Vokera Vokera Easi-Heat i 25C Combi Boiler Only
Sale price£900 GBP
Only 2 units left
Vokera Vibe Max 30C Combination Boiler and Horizontal FlueVokera Vibe Max 30C Combination Boiler and Horizontal Flue
Vokera Vibe Max 26C Combination Boiler & Flue Natural Gas ErP - 20188719Vokera Vibe Max 26C Combination Boiler & Flue Natural Gas ErP - 20188719
Vokera Easi-Heat i 29C Combi Boiler Only
Vokera Vokera Easi-Heat i 29C Combi Boiler Only
Sale price£950 GBP
Only 2 units left

Browse Vokèra Boilers Today

Vokèra is known and trusted all across the country for its high-quality, energy-efficient and reliable boilers. 

At Spares Direct, we take great steps to provide customers with the best heating solutions possible, which is why we stock several Vokèra boilers to give you the best options possible for year-round heating. 

No matter what you're after, we'll have a boiler for you; whether it's a small & compact solution or you have a large household requiring frequent hot water throughout. 

As our brand name suggests, our range doesn't stop at just boilers. At Spares Direct, you can find a wide range of Vokèra spare replacement parts including: 

Vokèra Expansion Vessel

Vokèra Heat Exchanger

Vokèra Pressure Relief Valve

• And more!

Which Vokèra Boiler is Right For Me?

Vokèra has a wide range of boilers including combi, system and heat-only, so no matter what you're after, you can find a heating solution that will work for your home. 

Vokèra Combi Boilers: Also known as combination boilers, these help you save a significant amount of space as they don't require an expansion tank or hot water cylinder. Providing instant heat and hot water, they are ideal for any home where space-saving is a must. If you find yourself in this situation, why not try the Vokèra Easi Heat i 29c?

Vokèra System Boilers: These are installed on a sealed central heating system and are ideal in homes with more than one bathroom or low water pressure.

Vokèra Heat Only Boilers: Also known as an open-vent boiler, these heat up radiators and hot water throughout the house. They require a storage cylinder, and similar to system boilers, are ideal in homes with multiple bathrooms and/or low water pressure. 

Please note that we update our stock throughout the year, so if you can't find the boiler you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via info@sparesdirect.ie or 02895434399 to find availability information. 

What you can expect from Vokèra Gas Boilers

Reliability: Made with high-quality materials and innovative technology, Vokèra boilers are used and trusted by boiler engineers all across the country counting on them to keep homes warm throughout the year. 

Energy efficiency: With high energy efficiency as a standard across most Vokèra boiler models, you can save money whilst helping the planet at the same time. What's even better is with Easi-Connect, you can control your energy usage straight from your phone. 

Long-lasting protection: If your boiler breaks or malfunctions, you'll stay fully protected for up to 7 years depending on the model. Under this, Vokèra repairs or replaces parts where a fault occurs due to the material or manufacturing. 

Vokèra Easi-Connect

With Vokèra Easi-Connect, you can control, monitor and maximise your home's heating straight from your smartphone. From scheduling the heating to come on just before you get back from work, or you're retroactively switching it off whilst on holiday, Easi-Connect gives you full power over your heating.

Why Buy Vokèra boilers From Spares Direct?

At Spares Direct, we have happy customers all across the UK relying on us for high-quality home heating solutions. We take immense pride in offering a wide range of products at highly competitive prices.

What's even better is that we offer free delivery to the UK and Ireland on all boiler purchases, letting you shop with complete confidence today. 

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