BAXI 624 24KW 600 SYSTEM 2 BOILER ONLY 7802241

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BAXI 624 24KW 600 SYSTEM 2 BOILER ONLY 7802241


The Baxi 600 System 2 boiler is the perfect option when you need lots of hot water or have more than one bathroom.

The Baxi 624 System 2 Boiler is perfect for houses or buildings with more than one bathroom that need a high flow of hot water. The boiler is compact and lightweight, weighing only 28kg, and can fit into a 290mm deep cupboard. It comes with a seven-year parts and labour warranty, making it reliable and cost-effective for investment in any home or business. It is compatible with Baxi and Megaflo cylinders to give you the very best industry leading hot water performances.

Easy to install and operate, the boiler has an easy-to-read backlit LED screen, and simple twist knobs to change the water to your desired temperature. All models can also be manually converted from natural gas to LPG without having to purchase an extra accessory kit.

The boiler has an exceptional A rated certificate for hot water efficiency, saving you energy and money, and reducing your carbon footprint. It also features a stainless steel heat exchanger and built in pipes behind the facility, within the boiler casing.

Finally, you can have peace of mind during the winter months, the preheated siphonic condensate trap prevents freezing as the trap dissipates preheated condensate all at once, helping reduce engineer call-outs.

It is compatible with Baxi cylinders and the Megaflo Eco range and comes with a seven-year parts and labour warranty*.

Features & Benefits

  • Seven-year parts and labour warranty* for peace of mind

  • 15kw, 18kw, 24kw Options available
  • Compatible with Baxi uSense smart thermostat, so you can control it using an app on your phone

  • Pre-heated condensate trap to prevent freezing in winter - no more frozen condensate pipes!

  • Works with natural gas or LPG, without a conversion kit

  • Fits inside a standard kitchen cupboard

Techical Specs

  • Compact cupboard fit

  • Brass hydraulics block

  • Built-in stand-off frame

  • Certified OpenTherm

  • Simple hanging bracket

  • Certified to work with 20% hydrogen

  • Vertical sleeve recyclable packaging

  • Combined PrV with seperate drain

  • Colour-coded and removable wiring blocks

  • Pre-heated siphonic condensate trap

  • Easy-fill 2 permanent filling link


  • A: Boiler Width = 395mm

  • B: Boiler Height = 700mm

  • C: Boiler Depth = 285mm

  • D: Side Clearance = 2.5mm

  • E: Upper Clearance = 178mm

  • F: Lower Clearance = 150mm

  • G: Front Clearance= 5mm in operation (450mm for servicing)

User Guide - Downloadable File


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