Ariston Pressure Relief Safety Valve 3 BAR | 61312668

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Ariston Pressure Relief Safety Valve
3 BAR | 61312668


The primary function of a safety valve or pressure relief (PRV) to protect property and life. 
Because a PRV is often the last device to prevent catastrophic failure under pressure conditions, it is important that the valve works at all times i.e. it must be 100% reliable. 
Pressure relief valves should be installed wherever the maximum allowable working pressure of a system or pressure containing vessel is likely to be exceeded, in particular under fault conditions due to the failure of an expansion vessel.

In domestic heating systems, pressure relief valves are incorporated in the boiler or heating circuit to prevent pressure building up to a dangerous levels by releasing the excess pressure through the pressure discharge pipe. It is therefore vital that an approved part is used as it is a safety device.

This part is present 40 different boilers in the Ariston range including the Ariston Clas 21 FF System Boiler, Clas 24 FF, Clas 28 FF, Clas 28 FF System Boiler.

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