Baxi 824 24Kw 800 System 2 Boiler Only Inc Adey Magnaclean Micro2 7814314

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Baxi 824 24Kw 800 System 2 Boiler Only Inc Adey Magnaclean Micro2 7814314

When you require a lot of hot water or have multiple bathrooms, the Baxi 800 System 2 boiler is the best choice. It has a ten-year parts and labour warranty and is compatible with Baxi cylinders and the Megaflo Eco line. When it comes to topping off pressure, the Easy-Fill permanent filling link makes it simple to do so without involving an engineer. As well as this, Baxi uSense smart controls can also be used with this boiler, which would be operated by a smartphone or tablet.

The boiler also features a preheated condensate trap, which will prevent freezing in winter, meaning no more frozen pipes during the winter months. It is also compatible with natural gas or LPG without the need for a conversion kit. As well as this, the Baxi 800 System 2 is also very reliable and energy efficient, featuring an impressive "A" energy rating.

Known for its practicality, the compact boiler will fit into most cupboards with ease and is incredibly easy to install thanks to the simple hanging bracket. The boiler also features a brass hydraulic block and a built in stand off frame.

The Adey Micro 2 Filter is also included with this boiler. This filter will provide protection from magnetic and non-magnetic debris and will allow your boiler to have a much longer lifespan and to keep operating optimally and efficiently.

  • 10-year parts and labour warranty* for complete peace of mind

  • Includes an Adey Micro 2 Filter** to protect your heating system and boiler

  • Compatible with Baxi uSense smart thermostat, so you can control it using an app on your phone

  • Pre-heated condensate trap to prevent freezing in winter – no more frozen condensate pipes!

  • Works with natural gas or LPG, without a conversion kit


  • Boiler Width = 395mm

  • Boiler Height = 700mm

  • Boiler Depth = 285mm

  • Side Clearance = 2.5mm

  • Upper Clearance = 178mm

  • Lower Clearance = 150mm

  • Front Clearance= 5mm in operation (450mm for servicing)

Technical Specs

  • 18, 24 & 30kW System (Natural Gas and LPG)

  • Compact cupboard fit

  • Brass hydraulics block

  • Built in stand-off frame

  • Certified OpenTherm

  • Simple hanging bracket

  • Certified to work with 20% hydrogen

  • Vertical sleeve recyclable packaging

  • Combined PrV with seperate drain

  • Colour-coded and removable wiring blocks

  • Pre-heated siphonic condensate trap

  • Easy-fill 2 permanent filling link

  • Includes Adey Micro2 Magnetic System filter

User Guide - Downloadable File 

Technical Table   Baxi 824 System 2
Sales Code   7814314
Natural gas or LPG   Yes
Inlet supply pressure (natural gas) mbar (nominal) 20
Maximum Gas Rate (G20) Omax m³ / hr 2.61
Heat Input CH kW (max) Gross (OnHs)  24.7
  kW (min) Gross (OnHs) 4.9
Heat Output CH (non-condensing) kW (Max) (Pn) 24
  kW (Min) (Pn) 4.8
Heat Output CH (condensing) kW (Max) (Pnc) 26.3
  kW (Min) (Pnc) 5.2
Heat Input domestic hot water (DHW) kW max gross (OnwHs)  N/A
Heat Output domestic hot water (DHW) kW max  N/A
Water heating efficiency class  
Permanent live required   Yes 
External fuse rating (on connection board) Amps F0.5A L250VP
Pump overrun   Yes
Integral 'boiler only' frost thermostat   Yes
Maximum DHW flow rate (Delta T @35'C rise)  l/min N/A
Minimum DHW flow rate required   l/min 
Minimum operating DHW pressure required bar 0.5 
Integral expansion vessel Size (litres) 
Maximum capacity of the CH system Litres  100 
Integral automatic bypass   Yes 
Installer Lift Weight (kg) 30


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