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Boiler-m8 Defender-2 Magnetic Boiler System
Filter 22mm

  • High strength magnet

  • Built in drain off port with hose connection

  • Manufactured from PA66 Polymer

  • Brass Diverter and Full Bore Brass Isolating Valves

  • Watertight guarantee

  • 5 Year Guarantee

The New Defender-2 - The Ultimate Defence for Your Heating System

With a combination of high power magnetic and non-magnetic filtration, the new Boiler-m8magnetic system filters provide the Ultimate defence for your heating system.

Our technical experts have been hard at work creating a masterpiece of form and function, whilst staying true to our core ethos of developing easy to fit solutions that help to significantly extend the life of your boiler and vital system components.

Featuring advanced technologies such as our 2-way 360 degree diverter, high capacity EZY-Clean magnet and Watertight twin-seal design, Boiler-m8™ are setting new standards in magnetic filtration.

EZY-Clean Removable Magnet Stack

Normally installed to the return flow after the last radiator, system water is diverted through our 2-way 360 degree diverter into the filter body. Our filter design reduces the flow of water allowing the high strength EZY-Clean removable magnet stack and particulate filter to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the system. Thanks to advanced design and gravity, non-magnetic debris falls out of suspension and is collected in the high capacity body, leaving the EZY-Clean removable magnet stack to do its job.

Simple Servicing & Maintenance

Dosing the heating system with inhibitor or cleaner is a no longer a time consuming affair. Simply turn the easy grip isolating valves and add the chemical directly in to the filter body through the air vent port, then turn back on the isolating valves - it's as simple as that!

All Boiler-m8™ filters are supplied with a manual air-vent installed.

All Boiler-m8™ filters feature high capacity particulate filters that cannot become clogged, and an EZY-Clean removable magnet stack allows quick and efficient disposal of magnetic debris, just close the return valve, remove the magnet and open the flushing port until clear. Not that you'll be likely to need them, but just in case a service pack containing replacement seals is available free of charge* for each registered filter - throughout the warranty period!

Twin-Seal - Your Watertight Guarantee

The number one request from our market feedback was for a watertight guarantee, so we listened, and our designers found the simple, elegant solution - Twin-Seal.

The filter cover is sealed in two separate positions, and cleverly designed to reduce torsion force on the elastomeric polymer seals. Our unique 2-Way 360 degree Brass diverter body connection has twin telescopic seals that can be rotated under pressure for easy servicing, and our full-flow isolating valves feature flat-faced unions and high pressure rating, all-in-all a truly watertight guarantee of quality ensuring market leading longevity and fit and forget reliability.

Why waste your time? Our 2-Way diverter has all the options covered!

Boiler-m8™ know that time is money. Regardless of whether it's a new install or a retrofit installation, our rotating 2-Way Diverter gives you more options than some other filters on the market. Filter supplied with plastic diverters are not as robust and also break the earth continuity of a system, that's why Boiler-m8 only ever use Brass diverters on ALL our filters!

Full Flow Design.

All Boiler-m8™ filters are designed to be system friendly. Our technical experts have ensured that the advanced design features allow effective removal of system debris, whilst minimising pressure loss. Standard Bore valves supplied with other filters significantly reduce the flow rate, causing damage to the boiler and circulating pump as well as reducing system efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Defends against corrosion of central heating systems

  • High strength removable magnet

  • Easy and fast installation

  • 360 degree Brass diverter - installs on any pipe orientation

  • Quick in-situ servicing - built in drain off port with hose connection

  • Robust twin seal leak-free design

  • Full bore isolation valves

  • Watertight guarantee

  • 5 Year Guarantee

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