Delavan 60° W Nozzles | 0.50 - 0.85 | Box of 12

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Delavan 60° W Nozzles | 0.50 - 0.85 | Box of 12

Delavan oil nozzles are designed to regulate the flow of oil within a domestic oil boiler, to ensure that heat is provided in a consistent and efficient manner. Known as a "Type W" nozzle, the Delavan oil nozzles are a versatile alternative to Type A and Type B oil nozzles, featuring a semi-hard cone which creates a stable pressure at both high and low flow rates, rendering it compatible with a wide variety of different domestic oil boilers.

Delavan oil nozzles work by pressurising oil and forcing it through the nozzle so that it emerges as minute particles or "vaporised", increasing the combustion surface area and, therefore, the efficiency of the boiler. Delavan oil nozzles have a 60 degree spray angle and a 0.60 US gallons per hour capacity.

Domestic oil boiler manufacturers will specify the type of oil nozzles that they are compatible with, and it is important for reasons of safety, performance and efficiency to adhere to these recommended guidelines. Because Delavan oil nozzles are considered to be multi-purpose, they can be used in place of a Type A or Type B nozzle in many instances, but it is always recommended that a like for like replacement is carried out as soon as is reasonably practicable to avoid system failures and degraded performance.

This is because oil nozzles offer different spray angles and flow rates so a Delavan may not offer the highest levels of performance when fitted to an incompatible oil boiler. If further clarification is needed, we recommend consulting the manufacturer's manual or contacting the specialists at Heating and Plumbing World, who will be happy to advise.

Delavan Nozzles are a great replacement for the Danfoss Nozzle Range

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