Glow-worm flue adaptor | 801614

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Glow-worm flue adaptor | 801614


A Flue adaptor designed for use in the flue section of Glow-worm's HXI, Ultracom, CXI, Xtramax, Eden, British Gas, Xeon and SXI appliances. A boiler flue is the outlet through which steam and toxic gases resulting from the boiler's normal operation are safely expelled. Different models of flue are chosen to suit the type and location of the appliance.

Brand Glow-worm
Range Type Domestic Boiler Parts and Accessories
Hazardous N
Model For Use With 24HXI, 30HXI, 38CXi, 18SXi, 38CXI, 24CXi, 30CXi, Xtramax HE, Sb, 18HXI, BG330, 18HXi, 38HXi, Condens 30, Cb, 15HXI, 38HXI, 12HXi, 15HXi, 24HXi, Condens 18, 18SXI, 30SXI, 24CX, 30HXi, 30SXi, 24CXI, 30CXI, Vb, 12HXI, 30CX
Boiler Section Flue
Boiler Range HXI, Ultracom, CXI, Xtramax, Eden, British Gas, Xeon, SXI
Part Gas Council number H28496
By Model Number 24CX,BG330+,Condens 30,30CX,38CXI,24CXI,Vb,Condens 18,24HXI,Sb,18SXI,12HXI,30CXI,Xtramax HE,30HXI,30 SXi,38HXI,15HXI,18HXI,Cb
Supplier Product Code 801614
Type Adaptor

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