Micropoint Gas Cooker Hose 1250mm x 1/2” bore

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Micropoint Gas Cooker Hose
1250mm x 1/2” bore

GFS EN 14800 Gas Cooker Hoses are manufactured in accordance with EN 14800:2007 standard. This specifies the requirements of performance, the material and test methods of corrugated safety metal gas hose assemblies for the connection of domestic appliances, in order to achieve safe operation.

They are suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases (Natural Gas, LPG and manufacturing gas). Available in sizes of 1 metre, 1.25 metres, 1.5 metres and 2 metres.

The corrugated metal hose assemblies, according to this European Standard, are suitable for the connection of domestic appliances inside or outside a dwelling, using gas at a pressure lower than 0,5 bar.

The Angled and Micropoint Cooker hoses come complete with a patented swivel end to make installation easier and quicker.


  • Manufactured by EN 14800 and CE certification

  • The bending radius can be mounted without cross section exceeding

  • Very economical due to it’s long lifetime

  • High corrosion resistance due to TPE jacket

  • High temperature resistance (EN 1775 to 650 degrees celsius)

  • High mechanical strength

  • Provides maximum safety due to extra features compared to other gas hoses

  • Easy traceability with lot number application

  • Patented design


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