UTERM Double Panel Type 22 Radiators (MOQ 3)

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UTERM Double Panel Type 22 Radiators (MOQ 3)

Due to logistics, these radiators will be shipped on a pallet which endures a minimum order quantity of 3 radiators per one transaction



Quality. Trustability. Innovations.

Uterm has been producing steel panel radiators since 2013. This is an affordable and economical way, highly popular in the West, to heat residential and public buildings.

Steel radiators, which started to gain ground already in the 70s of the last century, now account for 90% of the European market of heating appliances.

Steel radiators took the fancy in the late 90s, when the private house owners began to modernize networks, and villa construction gained popularity. In parallel, autonomous heating came to multi-story new buildings.

Consumers appreciated the cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and ease of use of steel radiators. Products were imported from Turkey and the EU countries. 

The future manufacturer – Uterm  – began as a distributor of steel radiators. A market analysis showed an urgent need for a domestic producer able to offer products of a European level a competitive price

From the first day, they clearly knew what they were entering the market with – a product that combines:

  • western technologies, 

  • own engineering developments,

  • wholesale service.

Import of products is associated with high risks in terms of delivery, difficulties with the return of rejected goods. 

UTERM have forged a partnership with a whole host of foreign companies. In just two years of export activity, they have entered the markets of 13 countries, including Canada. 

Uterm benefits and mission

Constant priority is the impeccable quality and technological excellence of radiators. They are proud of a product featuring the following advantages:

  • Efficiency up to 75% due to the high thermal conductivity of steel – radiators quickly heat up and form a comfortable microclimate in the room.

  • Combination of convector and classic heating battery properties – a smaller size heats a larger area.

  • Compact and invisible installation, even under narrow window sills or in special niches.

  • Variable standard sizes for the selection of a radiator, exactly corresponding to the heated volume.

  • Attractive modern design and ergonomic models.

Uterm offers a 10-year warranty for its products. At the same time, we provide a safety margin and are confident that, with proper operation, branded radiators will last much longer. This is confirmed by numerous tests conducted by independent laboratories.

Uterm products have national and international quality certificates and meet the highest and most demanding standards.

Radiators are subject to carriage charges 

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