Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 System Boiler 30KW 0010036013

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Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 System Boiler 30KW 0010036013


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The new ecoTEC plus is the product of hours of research and development, years of expertise and innovation and a series of fine, precise improvements that have sharpened, intensified and enhanced performance specifically for the UK market.

The new ecoTEC plus takes connectivity to a whole new level. Paired with the new plug-and-play internet gateway, myVAILLANT connect, it enables app control, smart home integration and remote appliance care and support in minutes, for increased efficiency and first-class customer service.

  • Smart home ready* - Works alongside the new plug-and-play myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, for easy connection with most Vaillant controls and app connectivity in minutes.

* Excluding timeSWITCH 150 and timeSWITCH 160.

  • Refined and enhanced internal layout - With easy access to all major components, making installation and servicing effortless.

  • Familiar footprint and external layout - Retaining the same case dimensions, boiler footprint, flue position and pipe connections for an effortless like-for-like swap.

  • New intuitive semi-touch interface - Allowing for effortless first-time installation and set-up, with guided commissioning and set up wizard and easy to follow navigation.

  • Automatic LPG conversion on most outputs* - Completed in minutes using the new intuitive interface, with no additional parts required.

* Excluding ecoTEC plus 840, 940 and 635.

  • New IoniDETECT technology - Intelligent gas combustion monitoring, helping the new ecoTEC plus reach wider modulation range of up to 1:9, for even greater system efficiency.

  • Sharpened intelligence with LINbus technology - Enables more intelligent and accurate reading of flow rate and pressure differential via internal pump for improved performance.

  • Hydrogen prepared - Suitable to work safely and efficiently with up to 20% hydrogen mix.

Technical data Unit of measure ecoTEC plus 630 - 30kW
Boiler type   System
LPG convertible   Yes - adaptive
Article number   0010036013
PCDB number   TBC
Boiler dimensions (HxWxD) mm 720 x 440 x 352
Side clearance mm 5
Top clearance mm 165
Top clearance if using rear flue mm N/A
Bottom clearance mm 180
Front clearance ~ mm 500
~ Can be reduced to 5mm if fitted behind removable door / panel
Nominal heat output range at 50/30˚C (Condensing mode) kW 4.2 - 32.2
Nominal heat output range at 80/60˚C (Non condensing mode) kW 3.7 - 29.9
Flow temperature range (Factory setting - 75°C) ˚C 30 - 85
Modulation (max/min) 1 : X 1:9
Domestic Hot Water
Maximum heat output for water generation kW 34.3
Gas inlet connection (pipe size) mm 15
Heating flow and return connections (pipe size) mm 22
Heat exchanger material Stainless/ Aluminium Stainless Steel
Filling loop supplied YES/NO No
Boiler lift weight (Dry boiler) kg 36
Spacer frame available YES/NO Yes
NOx (En 15502-2-1) mg/kWh 28.0
ErP efficiency % 94
ErP decibel rating (sound power) dB(A) 48
ErP efficiency Heating A+++ to D / A+ to F A
PCDB annual efficiency   TBC
Fluing options
Maximum horizontal flue length 60/100 m 8
Maximum vertical flue length 60/100 m 8
Maximum horizontal flue length 80/125 m 28
Maximum vertical flue length 80/125 m 30
Rear flue options YES/NO No
Permissible flue classifications   C13, C33, C43, C53

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